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Each pearl, semi-precious and precious stone is hand selected and styled by Georgina's expert eye to create one-of-a-kind traditional jewelry with a fashion twist



Mother of Pearl was a very fashionable material used to make buttons in the 17th century. It was not long before it became desirable to use Mother of Pearl in the designing of jewelry. Famed for its shimmering beauty, the play of color floats over the surface of the interior lining. Pearls are known to purify the mind, giving healing strength and calming energy. It has been a delight to create fashionable pieces in our collection working with Mother of Pearl, setting in gold and using diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones to enhance the Mother of Pearl.

Known as the “Queen of Gems,” South Sea Pearls from Australia and Tahiti are greatly desired by many around the globe. These pearls are cultivated in the depths of the oceans and come alive with time. The longer they are left to nature’s way and the motion of the tides, temperature of water and movement of sand, the more layers they develop - enhancing the shape, luster and size of the pearl. South Sea Pearls are usually white, pink-white, silver-white or golden in color and are grown one at a time in the bodies of marine pearl oysters.

The cultivation of Freshwater Pearls began in 1935. Initially Japan was the leader in cultivating the Freshwater Pearl, but sadly due to pollution most of the freshwater lakes Japan could not sustain the lives of the freshwater mollusks. Hence, a majority Freshwater Pearls are now cultivated in the lakes of China in the area of Shanghai. Freshwater pearls are best known for their whimsical shapes and wide variety of sizes and colors. They are created in marine pearl oysters making their surface texture soft and lustrous. They symbolize purity.

Traditionally, designers separated stones into two categories: semi precious and precious. Today, there are so many wonderful colors, shapes and cuts available that mixing them only enhances each stone - semi or precious. The variety in color, shape and texture create unique and vibrant pieces that pop. Sourced from all over the world we have found such unique shapes, colors and cuts of the stones.

Every Cameo is a miniature work of art, whether carved in Carnelian Shell, Mother of Pearl, Agate or other hardy unique stones. Cameo’s have an exquisite classic beauty and such a beautiful ambiance of the past. The tradition of carving the carnelian shell began in the fifteenth century and was popularized by Queen Victoria. Early Greek and Roman carvings featured images and themes from mythology and beautiful women. Women began collecting cameos during the Elizabeth period making prestige and culture “portraits” dancing Eros as a seductive invitation to love. I love hunting for period Cameo’s that I can reinvent and design rings, earrings and pendants - making them a little more fashion friendly.

Victorian and Vintage hat pins have been so much fun re-creating. From Cameo's "3 Graces" to a "Roman General" to "Lady Portraits" to Love Knots to Jade to Clusters of Pearls to Opals to Fox's to Hand Holding Diamonds. Since hat pins are not as popular as they once were, I have had a great delight converting them to Rings and Necklaces. 

We have just introduced our Mini Huggies in a variety of colors and tones. A fabulous design perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. Assortment of Semi-Precious Stones, Freshwater Pearls, Australian South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls... take a peak.

Wedding Season is upon us! You've got enough to worry about - let us help you pick your earrings for your big day. This is your time to make a big grand entrance in style.  

Treat your bridesmaid with some beautiful earrings to wear on your wedding day. We have many different options, all delicate and special.




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